Benchmark service

SPACE™ provides on yearly basis, an assessment for all members to participate in a global assessment of the supply chain performance. This benchmark service allows each member to evaluate it in comparison to the best performances achieved in the aeronautical industry.

The business performances measures are undertaken by 
– ICAM (École d’ingénieurs Institut Catholique d’Arts & Métiers Site de Toulouse), Benchmark 2009-2010; 2010-2011.
– ICARE (Institut pour la Compétivité Automobile et la Recherched’Excellence – Institute for the competitive automotive industry and research of excellence) for Benchmark 2007-2008

The suppliers have been classified into 7 commodity categories:

·         A= Raw material, castings and forgings

·         B= Machining and mechanical sub assembly

·         C= Electromechanical subassemblies

·         D=General processes ( heat treatment, surface treatment)

·         E=Electronics and subassemblies

·         F=Distributive products (fittings) standard products

·         G= Equipments and Systems


SPACE™ has defined eight Key Performance Indicators (KPI) shown below:

·       Service indicators:
– customer returns,
– customer delivery achievement.


·       Productivity indicators: 
– Added value per employee,
– Turnover per employee,
– Cost of waste, scrap and reworks,
– Suppliers under evaluation,
– Inventory turns,
– Use of space.

Because SPACE™ is an independent association of which the respect of confidentiality is defined obviously in its statutes, Benchmark is externalized to ensure the data confidentiality of all Benchmark’s participants. Each member actively participating to the survey receives a personal and performance report.

The examples of Benchmark Anonymous Results on "Customers Delivery Achievement" and "Inventory Turns" are displayed below.

The latest global Benchmark Anonymous Result is available here,  Synthesis Benchmark 2012


For more details, please consult the document introducing the definition of the key performance indicators.


The individual benchmark report is sent directly and confidentially to each participant .