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Flash info SPACE N°41 . SPACE Member SUDELEC has been rewarded with a "SPACE award 2017"

” The SPACE recipe for performance ”


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SPACE rewards improvement actions


François Bertrand (SPACE President) Serge Calmard (SUDELEC Director) and Eric Fanio (SPACE Industrial Performance Project Manager)

A level of service that’s taking off …

SUDELEC’s performance has skyrocketed since 2015 following its involvement in the “Performances Industrielels”( “Industrial Performance” ) program.
In 2018, the program gained momentum and our industrial processes have gained in maturity.
The level of service is close to 99% in a context of active growth.
(+24% of sales in 2017)

img-tropheeSPACEOn 8th November 2017, during the SPACE France Forum, SUDELEC received a “2017 Award” from SPACE for its sustainable improvement actions.

SUDELEC tells us the key to this success

3 pillars :

♦ robust machinery
♦ dedicated teams
♦ strong industrial organization

And The cement of success: 
every morning the “daily 5-minute meeting”, a moment for exchanging, informing, empowering and acting.

SUDELEC : “Thanks to our continuing growth we face the future with great confidence. 
Our company: an industrial jewel in its case”

Measures already introduced:

►Visual management
►A monthly Steering Comittee meeting
►Daily 5-minute meeting
►Weekly load/capacity analysis
►Workshop 8D
►Workshop 5S
►Training (LEAN, 5S …)


Tableau cooperatif "Point 5 mn" AIC (Animation à intervalle court)
Serge Calmard dirigeant de SUDELEC

Logo SUDELEC 42www.sudelec42.com


Manufacturing of electronic boards in small and medium production runs

Interview with Serge Calmard, CEO of SUDELEC

“The 3 pillars of our success:

  • A set of robust machines in new buildings that house our industrial jewel,
  • Dedicated and energetic staff,
  • A high-level industrial organization: following on from “Industrial Performance N ° 1” which was a trigger, we continued with “Ambition PME” and “Lean Manufacturing” from CCI.

Faced with the ramp-up of our activity, new tools were introduced and these are now robust and operational (the Visual Management, the Codir, the workshops 5S, etc ..), but the cement of the success is certainly the “daily 5-minute meeting” (SIM Short Interval Management). Every morning, without exception, staff gather around a visual management chart showing production (quality, logistics, productivity) with indicators in the form of smileys. It is an important collective moment, where we make an inventory, we express ourselves, we act and we react.

At SUDELEC, we have matured, we have learned to analyze with 8D, to clean up with 5S. We want to be an example, an industrial jewel. ”  

S. Calmard