As Executive Member

Any corporate entity in the civil aeronautical sector which produces on-board products and which agrees to allocate personnel for Improvement Services and which commits to developing, using, sharing and promoting SPACE™ tools and methodologies can become an Executive Member. Allocation of personnel shall mean at least one full-time employee or equivalent per year provided by each Executive Member.

The actual Board of Administrators is composed of senior executives from the association’s largest member companies.
The Board elects one of its members as Chairman, who draws up the association’s action guidelines in response to the wishes and concerns of the membership.

Les représentants du Conseil et les membres Exécutifs sont :

• ACITURRI, represented by Mr. Sergio Camps López


AERNNOVA, represented by Mr. Iñigo ALDABALDETRECU, SPACE España President

Inigo Aldabaldetrecu

AIRBUS, represented by Mrs Solange HOLLARD, Head of Supplier Development Procurement Quality & Supply Chain Equipment & Systems – SPACE General Secretary

Solange Hollard

AIRBUS DEFENCE & SPACE, represented by Mr. Raul Rosino, Senior Manager Strategy Corporate Sourcing


AIRBUS HELICOPTERS, represented by Mr. Jean-Philippe BEDOS


ALESTIS, represented by Mr. José Antonio Veroz de las Heras, Head of Procurement & Supply Chain

José Antonio Veroz de las Heras (Alestis)

DAHER, represented by Mr. Michel ABGRALL


DASSAULT AVIATION, represented by Mr. Philippe PAYRARD, Vice President Supply Chain and Industrial Programss


DIEHL Aerospace, represented by Mr. Stefan LANG, Head of Industrial Process Engineering


• LATECOERE, représented by Mr. François BERTRAND SPACE President

Francois Bertrand

LIEBHERR AEROSPACE, représented by Mr. Antoine Lagarde, Director of Procurement


MBDA, représented by Mr. Harlold VAN DEN BOSSCHE


RATIER-FIGEAC, represented by Mr. Patrick DERBOIS, Purchasing and Supply Chain Director

Patrick Derbois

ROCKWELL COLLINS, represented by Mr. Fabrice BIDEAU NOEL


• RUAG, represented by Mr. Alfons KASPAR, General Manager Supply Chain and Logistics

Alfons Kaspar (RUAG)

• SAFRAN, represented by Mr. Christophe SOUFFLET


THALES Avionics, represented by Mr. Henri NEVEU SPACE treasurer

Henri Neveu (Thales Avionics)

• ZODIAC AEROSPACE, represented by Mr François FEUGIER