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AIRBUS membre executif de SPACE
MBDA membre executif de SPACE
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Honorary Members

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Aerocentre, Pole Regional Excellence to sustain, develop and structure the aviation industry in the Center region (France)

 “pôle de compétitivité” in France over the 2 regions  Nouvelle Aquitaine et Occitanie in the fields of aeronautics, space and embedded systems
ASTECH Paris Region

Pôle de Compétitivité aérospatial ASTech Paris Region
sc21logo small
A|D|S SC 21

Advancing UK AeroSpace, Defence and Security industries
21 st Century Supply Chain

Bundesverband der Deutschen Luft- und Raumfahrtindustrie e.V
logo CAG


European Aerospace Quality Group

The French industrial cluster for advanced manufacturing technologies

Groupement des Industries Françaises Aéronautiques et Spatiales
logo Hegan

Basque aerospace cluster –  Aeronautics and Space Cluster Association of the Basque Country

Aerospace and Defence cluster from Brittany
Madrid Aerospace

Madrid Aerospace Cluster
Logo Qualifas

Qualité des Approvisionnements pour les Industries Françaises Aéronautiques et Spatiales
logo SAFE Cluster
SAFE cluster

LE pôle de compétitivité des acteurs de la sécurité et de l’aérospatial

Spanish Association of Defense, Aeronautics, Security and Space Technology Companies

Associate Members

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3D ICOM GmbH & Co. KG holds a thorough knowledge and skills in the field of Production of Composite and Glass Fiber Components/Parts.

logo A&T
A & T Manufacturing GmbH

The A & T GmbH is a manufacturing and logistics company with a focus on wind power and the aerospace industry. The production range includes metal sheets, profiles, sandwich and plastic processing and manufacturing of assemblies.
In the area of material management and logistics, the A & T GmbH is among the customers the operator and service provider for the entire movement of goods.


Production of metallic elements with maximun dimensión of 2500mm by means of numerical control machining for the aeronautical industry.
Aluminium, titanium and Steel Surface treatments.
Assembly of aeronautical subassemblies.
Assembly of horizontal stabilizers and other aeronautical subassemblies.


ACTIA Automotive is the ACTIA Group division specialised in the design, the manufacturing and the diagnostics of onboard systems for aeronautic, cars, commercial and industrial vehicles markets. With subsidiaries in 15 countries, ACTIA Group has more than 2600 employees. Its headquarters are based in the south of France.

AD Industrie

AD Industrie is an industrial group specialized in mechanical engineering and hydraulics.
The Group's nine industrial sites, located in France, Morocco and Tunisia, manufacture technical parts and precision assemblies for the safety critical sectors of aerospace, defense and energy.


Adhetec designs, manufactures and distributes products and services in the field of adhesive film technologies. The company , founded in 1981, is now part of TLD Group, world leader in ground support equipment. Adhetec is a SME structured in line with international partners and is devoted to "providing a complete range of made-to-measure adhesive solutions according to a charter of fundamental values. Registered office and production plant are located in France near Toulouse, with other support offices in several French towns and in Spain (Madrid).

Aero13 Maroc

Chaudronnerie et tôlerie fine aéronautique


Since 1996 the Aero-Coating GmbH is coating reliable fasteners and components for the European customer base. As cadmium replacement IVD – Aluminium offers superior properties for material compatibility and corrosion protection. The aluminum pigmented coatings we apply are a cheaper alternative for fasteners and special fittings.


AERO-SAT is specialized in manufacturing of sheet metal forming parts, boiler making, cutting ,punching , deburring , folding cnc,bending tube , stamping , tig welding,assembly of aeronautics structures and sub units assembly. The prototype to the series , we will reply as soon as your expectations. We work all kinds of metals ,stainless steel,titanium,inconel,aluminum… Excellence in aeronautical , recognized standard EN 9100 :2009 – AS9100C – JISQ 9100:2009 and ISO 9001:2008 , that we are capable of producing for spacial ,medical , military or electronic.

Logotipo AEROSERV.300

Since 2004 Aeroserv operates in the field of Logistics and Integrated Aeronautical Services, as well as in Water Jet Cutting. Maintenance and Repair of pneumatic tools, Assembly of Aircraft Structures, Transportation Management of Section 18 A320, Storage and water jet cutting of raw materials, Prevention of Foreign Objects (FOD), and Maintenance of special tools for HTP A380 transport are some of the services we provided

Logo  AEROTECH Chateaubernard
AEROTECH Chateaubernard

Aerotech Chateaubernard est spécialisée dans le secteur d’activité de la mécanique industrielle. Aerotech est un atelier d’usinage numérique de haute précision sur petites et moyennes séries répétitives et sur des prototypes, pièces types et tête de série. Née en 2005 de la cession de son activité d’usinage mécanique par un équipementier aéronautique reconnu, Aérotech bénéficie aujourd’hui d’un niveau d’équipement important et d’un capital humain à forte valeur ajoutée.


Aerostructures & Assembly parts full management, Subsequent Processes after Autoclave for Composite Materials, FAL & AOG Assistance.
AEROTECNIC GROUP maintains a strong commitment to the development of R&D activities and the promotion of innovation for the continous improvement of all processes and products. The objective of R&D is carried out internally and has participation in several consortiums of innovative projects.

AI Industrial Services GmbH
AI Industrial Services GmbH

Aalberts Industries – Industrial Services offers a unique combination of advanced materials technology expertise, highly specialized manufacturing expertise and a global network of locations with excellent local knowledge and service.

Our more than 100 locations enable us to do business with key accounts that require the same technology, process quality and service in different locations around the world. In many cases we follow our customers to other parts of the world.

We improve material properties through surface treatment, heat treatment combined with highly specialized manufacturing expertise for specific end markets.

logo AES Aircraft Elektro/Elektronik System GmbH
Aircraft Elektro/Elektronik System GmbH

AES GmbH provides innovative and holistic products and services for the international aerospace and maritime industries. Their product portfolio ranges from LED lighting systems and power supplies to communication and information systems for airplane cabines. The company supplies the OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer), VIP and MRO (Maintenance, Repair and Overhaul) markets.


AIT est une société de fabrication et d’assistance dans le monde de l’aménagement haut de gamme, basée à Toulouse. Ses principaux clients sont les acteurs majeurs.


The Aircraft Philipp Group is an owner-operated, medium-sized group of companies located at several sites in Germany. With 50 years of experience in manufacturing precision parts for the aerospace industry, we share a long-term partnership with our customers that is shaped by mutual confidence.
If it comes to quality, precision, flexibility and innovation, our customers from the aerospace sector have their single and serial parts as well as complete assemblies produced by the Aircraft Philipp Group. Our strength is the machining of all common aerospace materials from aluminium up to titanium.


AIRENCOS démarre une activité d’études industrielles (outillages, machines spéciales, prototypage), de rétro-conception et de métrologie afin de répondre aux besoins de ses clients dans leurs problématiques industrielles liées à leurs moyens de production ou dans une recherche d’innovations. AIRENCOS intervient également dans la création de programmes informatiques et de consulting. Fort d’une expérience multidisciplinaire de 18 ans dans le monde aéronautique, AIRENCOS bénéficie d’une expertise reconnue à chaque étape du développement d’un projet aéronautique, de la phase d’avant-projet jusqu’à la vie série : Amélioration des processus internes, Sécurisation des objectifs de livraisons,…


Airgrup is an aerospace company dedicated to the manufacturing of tubes & pipes and aerostructures. Since its foundation in 1992, Airgrup has experienced a continuous growth, reaching a turnover of EUR 39 million and 300 employees in 2013. A key policy since the creation of the company have been the deployment of extensive investment and development plans, having today an efficient organization and a state-of-the-art industrial infrastructure, which integrates in-house all the core technologies (tubing, welding, large machining, assembly and surface treatments) to provide a quick and reliable response to the customer. Airgrup is certified to work for the main OEMs and according to the EN9100, ISO9001, PECAL/AQAP 2120 and NADCAP.

AKG Thermotechnik International GmbH & Co. KG

The AKG Group is a globally active German group of companies that develops and produces thermo-technical products (coolers and heat exchangers) for a wide variety of industries. Thanks to innovative technology and the highest level of engineering and manufacturing expertise, the company has been able to secure a leading position worldwide in this area.

In addition to the heat exchangers for Galley Cooling that have been successfully used in the A380 and A350 aircraft for many years, AKG also offers coolers for engines, transmissions and the various on-board systems in aircraft and helicopters. The following products belong to the AKG portfolio: Coolant cooler, oil cooler, charge air cooler, oil/coolant cooler, fuel/oil cooler, cooling plates.

ALFA Precision Casting

Located in Eibar, 50 km. from Bilbao and 70 km. away from the French border, ALFA Precision Casting has over 6,000 m2 of built surface, state-of-the-art machinery and a professional team capable of fully satisfying market requirements.
Since established in 1954, ALFA Precision Casting has developed over 10.000 projects in close collaboration with its customers. ALFA Precision Casting is part of ALFA HOLDING, an important industrial group, made up of various industries, all leaders in their market segments.

ALIJO Aluminium-Bau Jonuscheit
ALJO Aluminium-Bau Jonuscheit GmbH

For more than three decades, Aljo has been a proven supplier for machined or sheet metal formed aluminum components, assemblies and complex structures in line with the certified aerospace processes.

As a build to print partner we offer manufacturing solutions for prototypes, as well as small and large series for several aircraft and space programs.

logo ALU CB

ALU CB a pour activité principale la fourniture et la transformation de produits extrudés en alliage d’aluminium et matière plastique.
Ils interviennent sur plusieurs types de marchés, sur les véhicules industriels, dans les domaines paramédicaux et de la navigation de plaisance, de l’électronique du froid industriel et de l’électroménager.


Based in Dinan, in Brittany (West of France), ARMOR MECA produces complex machining products, for Aerospace and Defense industry. Armor Meca, is a member of ACE, a group in association with Chatal and Chatal Coating who are also members of SPACE.


ASCO Deutschland GmbH belongs to the ASCO Industries Group and is the center of excellence for the high-speed cutting of large and complex aluminium structural parts and extruded profiles. ASCO Deutschland GmbH is producing detailed parts and sub-assemblies for the major aircraft makers Airbus, Boeing, Embraer, Bombardier and their tier 1 suppliers.


ASTF designs, develops, industrializes, and produces complex mechnical subassemblies by the forming and assembly of tubes and/or thin sheet metal for the aeronautics, space, defence & security and energy industries.


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Member of the metallurgical and mining group ERAMET, world leader in alloys, manganese and nickel activities, AUBERT & DUVAL designs, produces, processes and markets a vast range of special steels, super alloys, aluminum and titanium alloys, to meet the technical demands of most industries. In addition, AUBERT & DUVAL has strengthened its position on the tool steels market by joining forces with Erasteel to offer customers the widest range of grades developed by these two companies. Thus, AUBERT & DUVAL is developing, within the framework of its Alloy sector strategy, its aim of being a long-term partner for its customers with a reputation for reliable products.


AUNIS PRODUCTION INDUSTRIE est spécialisée dans l’usinage de précision, le montage de sous-ensembles mécaniques, de la petite à la moyenne série ou du prototype.


The manufacturing of boilermaking, metallic parts, specific pipings constitute the heart of the know-how of our company (aircrafts and helicopters for the civil and military sectors, the missiles,…). Assembly of subsets of aerostructure, from the simplest to the most complex, by integrating the management of configuration. Expertise, maintenance and repair of subsets aerostructure of aircrafts and helicopters of every type, with respect of the specifications defined by the customers.


AVIACOMP has  developed and realize wings access doors for new generation airplanes programs using very innovating process and materials

AWB Aviation GmbH

For more than 20 years, the AWB Group has been a manufacturer of safety-relevant precision components and tools made of materials that are very difficult to machine, such as Inconel, Hastelloy®, Stellite®, Nimonic® and titanium alloys. The aviation sector is covered by AWB Aviation GmbH. Highest precision, delivery reliability, a functioning quality management system EN 9100 (certificate) and many years of experience in the processing of these demanding materials make us an innovative and efficient supplier to the aviation industry.

logo Azur Adhesifs

Azur adhésifs conçoit et imprime des étiquettes spécifiques adaptées aux projets et stratégies de chaque entreprise. Azur Adhésifs c’est la qualité du fabriqué en France par une équipe de passionnés à l’écoute du besoin de chacun de ses clients. Nous avons développé un savoir-faire d’exception afin de satisfaire à chaque demande. Une reconnaissance à l’origine de nombreuses certifications telles que ISO 9001 avec la mise en place d’un système de management de la qualité et ISO 14001 avec la mise en place d’un système de management environnemental. Cette démarche environnementale est d’une grande importance dans notre ligne de conduite se symbolisant par notre labellisation IMPRIM’VERT. Enfin notre expérience de quinze années vous garantira un travail maîtrisé auquel se réfèrent les grandes entreprises de la scène nationale comme internationale.


BELLMANN MECANIQUE est une société spécialiste en chaudronnerie, tournage, fraisage ainsi qu’en mécanique générale et industrielle. Une volonté de perpétuer ses activités caractérise cette entreprise depuis sa création. La qualité de ses prestations et le sens du détail dans les services font d’elle une référence sur le département du Tarn.


The BERGHOFF Group, with locations throughout Germany and Switzerland and around 200 employees, has been a Global Market Leader in Machining Solutions for High Mix, Low Volume and High Complexity since 1984.

Logo Berieau_Baseline.web

Sub-contracting of mechanical parts, all metals for miscellaneous activity sectors. Cutting, CNC machining, precision engineering, turning, milling, all machining operations, assembly of sub-assemblies, etc.

BIERSACK Aerospace GmbH & Co. KG.

Biersack is an EN 9100 certified aerospace supplier and delivers following products and services to wellknown OEMs:
– CNC-machining (titanium, aluminum, high-strength steel and a lot more )
– machining of extrusion profile
– composite parts
– assembling
– SCM (qualified suppliers for testing, material, heat- and surfacetreatment )
– QM acc. Aircraft-standard incl. quality documentation
Biersack has about 130 employees and about 6.5000 sm production area. Biersack produces already more than 65 years in Southern Germany, Bavaria.

Bionic Production AG

Faster, lighter, cheaper: additive manufacturing and bionic design are revolutionizing the industry. At Bionic Production, we rethink construction, design and production completely new.

Bionic Production AG is a spin-off of Laser Zentrum Nord GmbH in Hamburg. Based on extensive experience from numerous projects in research and industry, Bionic Production AG goes one step further and offers its customers bionic design as well as the qualified production of 3D printing components.


Bodycote is the leading provider of thermal processing services worldwide Thermal processing encompasses a variety of techniques and specialist engineering processes which improve the properties of metals and alloys and extend the life of components and is a vital part of any manufacturing process. Bodycote is uniquely placed via his global network and the experience and knowledge of his people to offer high quality, reliable and cost-effective services to manufacturers whatever their size or market sector.


Founded in 1977 by Jean-Claude BOUY, the company J.C. BOUY S.A.S. has built its expertise in supplying of high precision mechanics. Providing services for development of prototype, from small to high level production series up to 1200 pieces a day, the company answers to the specific needs of different industrial sectors such as: aeronautics, defense, automotive, nuclear, electronics, agriculture, optic, telecommunication, and others


BRONZAVIA is a company based in Sartrouville, Paris region, specialized in the production of High Tech sheet metal works and welded assemblies for the Aircraft, Space and Defense industries. All materials like aluminum, inconel and titanium alloys are worked, shaped and welded according to our customers’ requirements. Based on the technical expertise of its people, its very wide production means and the recent acquisition of the company Aéro92, BRONZAVIA’s strategy is to become the leader in all types of sheet metal works from prototypes making to the full industrialization and production run. BRONZAVIA is NADCAP certified for X Ray and Fluorescent Penetrant Inspection processes.


CADAMADRID, is a company dedicated to the manufacture of mechanical components for the sectors Aeronautical /Aeroespace/Telecomunication/Industrial. The machinery CNC, IT supports Software and set of instruments of inspection / check of last generation, reverts in an importantlevel of positioning in the sectors previously mentioned.

logo Carbures aerospace defense global

Fournisseur de sous-ensembles électroniques depuis 1986, Cari Electronic a développé son expertise autour de 3 métiers : l’étude électronique (développement et conception), la fabrication de cartes électronique et le câblage filaire. Le but commun est de fournir une prestation technique et réactive pour la réalisation de prototype ou petites séries de sous-ensembles électroniques embarqués dans le respect de hauts standards qualité.

Carstengerdes Modellbau GmbH
Carstengerdes Modellbau GmbH

Carstengerdes Modellbau GmbH is a family owned company, active in the construction of models, tools, molds and prototypes as well as in the fields of engineering and machining. Since 1987, Carstengerdes offers customized solutions based on technical skills and the necessary know how.


CAZENAVE is specialized in precision mechanical manufacturing. From prototype up to 500 pieces series, the company is a subcontractor for machining, surface and thermal treatment.

CCA Corse Composites Aeronautiques

Corse Composites Aéronautiques (C.C.A) is recognized as one of the top specialists in the development of complex composite parts for aeronautics applications. The strategy implemented is based on the concept of “product families” like Nose landing gear doors, wing or fuselage components called “ Karmans / Fairings” and revolving parts such as “Barrels” for engines nacelles. CCA act as a Risk Sharing Partner and tier one, both for production and global outsourcing. CCA handle design, development, qualification and mass production of the sub-assembly.


Since 30 years now, Celso offers to each of its clients, a foam solution for its needs.
CELSO is located in the south of Montauban (30 minutes from Toulouse). We are an industrial company founded in September 1987, specialized in the transformation of flexible cellular materials, foams, for technical applications in various industries. Our extensive knowledges, our transformation tools and our technical experience allow us to offer to every customer a foam solution adapted to their needs.

CFK German Associate Member
CFK CNC-Fertigungstechnik Kriftel GmbH

CFK is a service provider with a long lasting experience in Electro Discharge Maschining (EDM) and Additive Manufacturing using Selective Laser Melting (SLM). Our capabilities include 38 EDM machines, manufacturing of graphite electrodes and 6 SLM machines for the manufacturing of parts out of Steel, Titanium, Aluminum and Inconel. CFK is certified according to 9100:2009, Nadcap and 13485 and has a quality department with tactile and optical measurement as well as metallography.

Chassint Peinture

Depuis 1982, notre équipe technique, composée d’opérateurs qualifiés vous assure une prestation de qualité.
Nos activités industrielles sont la peinture, le décapage par projection d’abrasif, le marquage et le collage.
Nous intervenons dans le traitement de pièces individuelles, de petites et moyennes séries, en travaillant sur des gammes clients.


Since 1966, CHATAL COMPANY has constantly focused its activities around high technologies for providing high precision mechanical parts. CHATAL has completed its expertise and skills by acquiring MECACOATING, a firm specialized in surface treatments. The protective chemical, electrolyte, and paint coating and precision machining carried out at MECACOATING’s plant enable complete manufacture of machined parts and components including small sub-assemblies.


CMA is a mechanical engineering company based in Ariège (France) whose activities include: laser cutting, welding, precision machining and surface finishing..


field of activity of Cobham Les Clayes sous Bois is the development, the manufacturing and  the test of passive hyper frequency components for space, radar or airborne  application.   This activity cover :
·       Waveguides,
·       couplers
·       transitions waveguide to coaxial
·       Rotary joint
·       Antennas
·       Loads

logo Composites Aragon.peg

Composites Aragón is dedicated to the design and manufacturing of advanced composite components, offering solutions to a wide range of markets, such as aeronautics, motorsport, transportation and wind energy.
The main activities are the followings:
Design and Production of composite parts, using as our core business RTM technologies. Including 5 axis trimming finishing. Production of aluminum parts, milled by 5 axis continuous up to 8.000 mm of maximum length. Design and manufacturing tools and moulds for the composites industries.


COMTRONIC designs, develops and produces control panels, custom made LED displays, control warning systems and lights & signs with focus on aircraft and defence business


CONESYS EUROPE est spécialisée dans le secteur d’activité de la fabrication de matériel d’installation électrique.


Created by Daniel Cousso in 1978 in Nogaro (south-west of France), Cousso manufactures high precision mechanic parts and medium subassemblies. Cousso has expanded its activity and now employs 95 people working in a new facility with performant mechanical equipments (multi-functions machining centers 5 axis with pallets, 5 axis double-spindle lathe).


All the productions of the company result from the innovation and development of new technologies which provide to our customers global and performance manufacturing solutions: extrusion, close-to-form forging, cold and hot forming (with aluminium and titanium), associated with conventional machining or electrochemical as well as assembly capabilities.


The portfolio of Deharde, German company, comprises the latest in design engineering, jigs & tools, plant equipment manufacturing, machining and metrology. Deharde is specialized in the design and manufacture of both wind tunnel models and full scale flight articles.


DEVA holds a thorough knowledge and skills in the field of tool building and injection moulding.


DOMAERO est spécialisée dans la chaudronnerie et la tôlerie fine aéronautique, spatiale et militaire.


DORMECA is an engineering design firm in Bordeaux (France) manufacturing for tools and mechanical parts.

EIS _Aircraft
E.I.S. Aircraft

The experience of over 50 years in the engineering, production of components and in providing services, especially maintenance, for the aviation industry qualifies us to be your competent and reliable partner. Comprehensive certifications and approvals underline our claim to quality of the highest level. Our teams of specialists are located next to our customers in 10 locations spread over Germany providing you with flexible and customer focused solutions.

Logo EIS-Electronics
E.I.S. Electronics GmbH

E.I.S. Electronics is a mid-sized enterprize with facilities in Bremen and Bremerhaven/Germany and Kanpur/India. More than 180 professionals design, manufacture and repair Wire Harnesses for all Airbus programs, for Aircraft, Helicopters, Launchers, Satellites and numerous Defence Systems.

E.I.S. Electronics is a reliable supplier for Aerospace and Defence Industry that offers its clients customized and personalized solutions to satisfy customer-specific demand:

  • Proximity (close to the customer – both mentally and physically)
  • Passion (we keep our promise – even if it hurts),
  • Performance (readiness for delivery) and last but not least
  • Precision (Competency and Quality).

E.I.S. Electronics is well positioned with the three facilities to handle even large volume projects; the SME-typical organization structures guarantees to act according to customer demand.

Today’s requirements in Supply Chain Management are high – on time, on spec, on quantity. With our ERP-system, Key Account and Inventory Management and most of all well trained professionals we meet highest expectation


EBAS GROUP specializes in the design and manufacture of accessories, tooling and ground support equipment for aircraft industry and space. The EBAS GROUP is formed by the companies INDAERO, UNILASER and EBASCABIN that act together to deliver complete mechanical assemblies using machining, sheet metal processing, welding, 3D printing and painting techniques.

Element Material

Element Materials Technology Berlin is a specialist provider of materials, product qualification and systems testing to the global Aerospace industry.


The description will be completed.

Elvia HD (new logo)

Elvia PCB Group is the biggest supplier of PCBs for the Aerospace markets and the fourth largest PCB manufacturer in Europe. NADCAP & EN/AS9100 and Space certified. From HDI / SBU rigid technology to Microwave & RF, Flex-rigid and Flex solutions, their group provides an all-encompassing technical portfolio for their customers’ projects.

Logo EMKA Electronique

Sous-traitant électronique et électrotechnique depuis 30 ans, le Groupe EMKA ELECTRONIQUE conçoit et fabrique en petites et moyennes séries des cartes et systèmes électroniques destinés aux industries aéronautique, défense, automatisme, automobile, ferroviaire, instrumentation, médical, monétique et robotique. Partenaire de pôles d’excellence et de compétitivité (S2E2, AéroCentre, We Network, GEAR …), détenteur de 6 certifications et qualifications et bénéficiant de l’agrément Crédit Impôt Recherche, EMKA ELECTRONIQUE se différencie par son expertise électronique et électrotechnique, et par un outil industriel de pointe permettant d’intégrer des produits complexes.

logo Eolane

Eolane, leader des services industriels en électronique et solutions connectées: Câblage, test et intégration de cartes électroniques en technologie traversante, CMS, BGA, CIF, simple et double refusions.


Equipementier de systèmes embarqués et Systémier. EQUIP’AERO TECHNIQUE est spécialisée dans la conception, le développement, l’industrialisation et la production d’équipements anticipant les enjeux technologiques futurs.
EQUIP’AERO TECHNIQUE propose des solutions complètes pour les aménagements cabines en matériaux composites.


Established in 1975, ESKALUNAK is nowadays part of LAUAK Group. The industrial activities of the company are focused on manufacturing of elementary assembly pieces for thermal exchangers and aeronautical structures.


• Usinage de precision: tournage, fraisage (3,4 et 5 axes)
• Réalisation de pièces suivant normes aéronautiques
• Equipements & Outillages : design, production,installation sur site

EUCLIDE Industrie

Industrialisation & Batch production, Small & Big dimensions – Hard Metals. Industrial and aeronautical series. The design of special machines with integration electricity automatism and to offer a turnkey service
100 professionals at your service. Industrializations and engineering simulation. Technical and production skills.
Certified processes. ISO 9001 / EN9100. Quality Milestones.

More than 40 machines of manufacturing, capacities of assembly. 28 CN machines from 50 to 2800 mm. 14 conventional machines. 3 Three-dimensional Machines, CND. More of 5000m ² of workshop. 6,3 and 12 T Crane


With its expertise in metallic and composite aerostructures F-TECH Aerostructures near Montpellier (France) specialises in assembly and manufactures for both small series and large production runs as well as prototypes, in repairs and modification of aircraft structures and in engineering design.


Fagor electrónica is a cooperative company founded 50 years ago, is part of the Mondragón Group and is fully dedicated to the manufacturing of electronic components such as semeiconductors (diodes, triacs, thiristors…) and electronic devices.
It is acting inn the folowing markets : Home appliances, industrial, automotive and aeronauics with a turnover of 78 Million Euros in 2016. We have two manufacturing plants, one in Mondragón and another in Thailand.

logo FEDD

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logo FEMSO Industrie
FEMSO Industrie

FEMSO Industrie est spécialisée dans l’usinage, le tournage et fraisage de pièces métalliques.


As a major partner, Figeac-Aéro supplies: 

•Structural parts: from the small fitting, to the large 26 meters long panel,

•Aeronautical subassemblies : design, manufacture and assembly,

•Engine parts : vertical lathe and milling,

•Precision parts : landing gear parts, thrust reversers… 

The activity of the company is totally dedicated to aeronautical industry.

logo Fives machining


logo Mecanizados Flomar

In Mecanizados Flomar S.L., since its foundation in 1995, we are dedicated to precision machining embedded in the aeronautical sector, both finished product and tooling. Thanks to the variety of machines in our company, we are available to machining of a wide range of sizes of metal and polymer materials.

logo Fonderie-barbas

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Formecal is a 35 years old Company, with high experience in forging, high precision machining and assembly of components. Formecal have important customers of the aeronautics, railway and automotive industries.
Our main attribute is the quality of the high charge manufactured components. This made us a reliability company that is able to undertake high technical requirement aeronautic projects.

Frentech Aerospace s.r.o.

Frentech Aerospace s.r.o. was established in 1994 and supplies parts for aircraft, defense and space industry including space mechanisms. Frentech Aerospace s.r.o. is experienced in machining of aluminum alloys, stainless steels, special alloys such as Monel, Inconel and others, titanium alloys, and all types of plastics. Frentech Aerospace s.r.o. operates quality management systems compliant with ISO14001, ISO9001 and AS9100.


Freyssinet Aero Equipment is a global manufacturer of machined part and mechanical equipments for aeronautic and space industries.


For now more than 30 years, Galion is specialized in chemical processing for aerospace parts. Qualified partner by the largest groups in this sector, we put our
energy to satisfy the actual needs of our clients and go further their future expectations. Furthermore, Galion always advanced the notion of service while respecting a high level quality. We are in the highly-rated of our customers to accompany them serenely in their development. AS/EN 9100 Qualified for more than 5 years we also have 9 process Nadcap accredited under Merit Program since 2008.


Activity: Machining, surface treatments and small assemblies of aeronautic components


Aerospace Company, located in Spain, specialized in machining (CNC, cylindrical parts,…) , surface treatments, assemblies (Structural and sub-assemblies). GAZC offers full management in all kind of projects and technologies, including Tooling and part design, Material Management, Production Engineering, Quality Management and Supply Chain Planning


GENTILIN is a Toulouse-based company (France) manufacturing precision mechanics assemblies for the aerospace industry.

Logo Georg Martin
Georg Martin GmbH

The Georg Martin GmbH has been manufacturing metallic shims for tolerance compensation as well as punched and deep-drawn parts for mechanical and plant engineering applications for more than 70 years. The spectrum of references comprises all essential areas of industry, with main focus on the printing machinery and automotive sectors, as well as companies involved in the aviation and aerospace industries. Reliability is a matter of course for their staff, which consists of more than 90 highly committed individuals with many years of experience, who use their technical know-how day-in day-out to satisfy the highest demands on precision and quality.


GILLIS aerospace offers an exceptional responsiveness which is a key factor regarding the service level expected by aerospace and space sector customers.

logo GMC

GMC, leader français en traitement de surface pour l’Aéronautique et l’Industrie. Produits : OAS, SurTec 650®, zingage, zinc-nickel, phosphatation, Zintek®, Magni®, Geomet® vrac et attache, finitions glissements et antibruit, peinture, cataphorèse, traitements d’adhérisation pour encollage caoutchouc, traitements thermiques des aciers par trempe revenu, Galvanisation à chaud, autres services (marquage, pose inserts, hélicoils, assemblage…). EN 9100 et ISO 9001.


 Grabysur is an Andalusian company specializing in the manufacture of illuminated panels, night vision equipment (NVIS) and other solutions and HMI products (man-machine interfaces) for installation in airplanes and aircraft cabinets, mainly in the aeronautics, defence and naval. The company has the technology and expertise necessary for the production of this type of panels and devices as well as for its transformation into night vision environment and its installation in aircraft cabin, ships and terrestrial equipment, as well as in simulators and training devices.

GRESSET et Associés

With 15 years experience in aerospace, ISO 9001 and EN 9100 certifications, GRESSET ET ASSOCIES specializes in precision engineering for example for hydraulic systems and brake systems. Precision machining, complete parts with surface treatments, kitting, assembly and testing of hydraulic components. The values of the company: Quality – Timeliness – Friendliness guide in meeting customer needs.

Groth Luftfahrt- und Systemtechnik Gmbh & Co. KG

Groth Luftfahrt und Systemtechnik is a medium-sized family owned company, specialised in the design, manufacturing and distribution of parts and assemblies for the aviation industry. Groth Luftfahrt ist the aviation arm of the Groth Group. Groth Luftfahrt designs and manufactures galley and lavatory equipment. Our products are selected as SFE for all Airbus programs and numerous BFE projects flying on Boeing, Embraer and others. Build-to-print is still a vital part of our business.

logo Groupe AEMI

Le groupe AEMI est spécialisé dans l’usinage, l’assemblage et la conception de pièces mécaniques d’aérostructures ou d’équipements de vol (matériaux ferreux et non ferreux). Le groupe AEMI produit des pièces complexes notamment dans le secteur des équipements militaires, aéronautiques, spatiaux et médicaux. Le groupe AEMI est implanté en France, en Tunisie, au Maroc et au Portugal.

Guenter Apelt
Günter Apelt GmbH

Since 1965, Günter Apelt GmbH is a company with an extremely high-quality manufacturing programme of precision parts and assemblies for customers from the aerospace, pneumatics, hydraulics, mechanical engineering and measurement & control technology industry. The product portfolio includes turning, milling, drilling and grinding.


Since 1974 HALGAND has been a partner recognized by the aircraft industry.
Its performance is based on hi-tech equipment. On 14.000 m² more than 50 machines are distributed between machining CNC for milling, structural sub-assemblies, sheet metal and profiles forming, rolling and bending, welding.
More than 200 employees, both in France and MOROCCO, make a commitment to bring you solutions.

HAUCK HEAT Treatment Pais Vasco
HAUCK HEAT Treatment Pais Vasco

HAUCK HEAT Treatment Pais Vasco is exclusively dedicated to heat treatment of alloy steel for tools, tooling and aeronautics, and technical advice for these sectors.

logo-HZT Heeren Zerspanungstechnik
Heeren Zerspanungstechnik GmbH

Since 2002, Heeren Zerspanungstechnik Gmbh offers solutions for customers from laser technology, aviation and the oil and gas industry. Thereby, the product portfolio includes the processing of aluminum, copper, stainless steel and plastic.


HEGGEMANN AG develops and manufactures undercarriage, propulsion components, fuel tank systems, seat modules and structural components, applying the utmost in quality standards. HEGGEMANN AG supports its customers in all phases of product development from concept and development via simulation and engineering, up to the building of prototypes, conducting of tests and functional examinations or the production of small volumes.

Heicks Industrieelektronik
HEICKS Industrieelektronik GmbH

The Heicks Group is an owner-managed, medium-sized group of companies based at one location, that offers qualified full service for high-quality electronic components and assemblies.
Heicks Industrieelektronik GmbH and Heicks Parylene Coating GmbH are supplier for the aerospace industry and certified in accordance with DIN EN ISO 9001 / EN / AS 9100.
By our diversified modern machines and devices park we can meet individual requirements of our customers in the field of

industry electronics / aviation industry / automotive and e-mobility.

From circuit design, layout design, PCB assembly for samples or small series up to assembly of complete components, we are your competent contact. Depending on requirements and operating conditions we seal assembled PCBs by means of parylene, potting, vacuum potting and coating.


Established in 1976, HOWMET CIRAL is part of Alcoa Howmet since 1993. The company is a leading European producer of super alloy investment castings for military, aerospace, and commercial applications. Main products manufactured by CIRAL are aero and industrial turbine blades, vanes and turbo charger blades.

Logo Indemec

Indemec Project is a company of innovative spirit, a specialist in aviation industry work, in general machining and process engineering, providing solutions adapted to the needs of our customers.


INDRAERO SIREN’s competences extend from conception and manufacturing of metallic or composite primary parts, to the integration of assemblies using the main assembling techniques : welding, gluing, mechanical assembling. The Structure activity is completed by an equipment assembling pole, for new equipment, repair and overhaul. INDRAERO SIREN’s organisation offers to the major customers complete industrialisation and perfectly integrated manufacturing solutions into the global jobbing (STG) and global production jobbing (STGP). INDRAERO SIREN owns the EN 9100 / ISO 9100 V2000 /ISO 14001 / NADCAP (NDT and welding) certification, owns the PART 21G / PART 145 / FAR 145 agreements as well as number of customers agreements, such as AIRBUS, Rolls Royce…The company is an active partner in the main current European aeronautics programs.


INMAPA AERONAUTICA SLU is a company specialized in the management and manufacturing of metal parts and small assemblies for the aeronautic industry. INMAPA AERONAUTICA manufactures small and medium parts but also big parts like frames, ribs, beams, spares, stringers…, up to 10 meters. INMAPA AERONAUTICA SLU is specialized to carry out the total management of this kind of pieces, from raw material procurement to the finished product delivery in the customer's house, through machining, polishing, trimming, metrological control, NDT, chemical treatment, outsourcing of special processes with certificated suppliers, final inspection, packing according to customer specification, and shipment.


IWAMET is one of the leading manufacturers of precision aluminium, magnesium castings and CNC precision machining parts in Poland.

Jenoptik Defense & Civil Systems ESW GmbH

The Defense & Civil Systems division of Jenoptik develops, produces and distributes mechatronic and sensor systems for civil and military applications. The portfolio ranges from individual assemblies, which customers then integrate into their systems, through to complete systems and end products. The division’s areas of competence are energy systems, optical sensor systems, stabilization systems, aviation subsystems as well as radomes & composites. Top-quality customer service ensures that the products are supported over their useful lives, which generally extend over many years.

logo JICEY

Jicey est le spécialiste et le leader du calage mécanique de précision. De la cale de très grandes dimensions destinée à des applications offshore, aux cales minuscules de quelques millimètres pour l’Aéronautique ou l’Optique, de la cale standard à la cale sur mesure à vos cotes et spécifications. Jicey fabrique plus de 3 millions de cales de réglage par an à destination des industries aéronautiques, militaires, spatiales, ferroviaires, mécaniques, de transports, de travaux publics, etc. Jicey apporte la solution de calage adaptée à la nécessaire précision de tout ensemble mécanique. Depuis 1946, Jicey n’a cessé d’améliorer le concept des cales de réglage en innovant constamment. Pionnier dans la bi-composition, les matériaux composite, le repérage des épaisseurs et les cales ultra-minces, Jicey sait proposer la cale de régalage adaptée à vos besoins.


Hutchinson works in close collaboration with the major players in the aerospace industry. Hutchinson is present in every part of the aerospace market, from long- and medium-haul to regional and business jets, fighter jets, troop transport planes, and helicopters. Our strategic approach, which focuses firmly on our customers' needs, is constantly adapted to a market that demands high levels of performance and encompasses all Hutchinson technologies (vibration, acoustic and thermal insulation, fluid transfer, sealing, and transmission systems)


Spécialiste dans la mécanique de précision et générale. Usinage de métaux ferreux et non-ferreux, travaux de mécanique de haute précision, pour mise en conformité, perçage de précision des métaux, forage, alésage de précision des métaux.


LATHUILLE HUDRY est une société familiale de 70 salariés basée à Marnaz (74), créée en 1951.
Avec plus de 300 ordres de fabrication par mois, LATHUILLE HUDRY est expert en usinage de précision en petites séries et met toute son expérience et son savoir-faire au service des projets d’industrialisation de ses clients:

  • Spécialisation dans l’usinage de petites et moyennes séries (De 1 à 2000 pièces par lancement).
  • Organisation adaptée au traitement de projets industriels complexes.
  • Travail en co-conception et co-développement.
  • Capacité à usiner les matières les plus difficiles (Titane, inconel, aciers inoxydables, aluminium,…).
  • Maîtrise complète de l’usinage, de l’assemblage et des technologies complémentaires (Tournage: de Ø 5 mm à Ø 300 mm / Fraisage: max 300 mm).


Precision in metal working Lauscher Präzisionstechnik GmbH is a manufacturer of machined components for the aerospace industry, ranging from simple to highly complex parts made of titanium, aluminium or high-strength steels. A constantly upgraded, CNC-controlled machine park and CAD/CAM systems on one hand, supplemented by over 40 years of experience, ensure a due-date and economic manufacturing. The manufacturing of quality products is our core competence. The quality standards and the quality management system were tested and confirmed by certification according to EN 9100:2009.

LE BOZEC Filtration & Systems

Le Bozec Filtration & Systems is  part of Donaldson group.

Le Bozec Filtration & Systems provides solutions in the aeronautic industry for air management (filtration including cabin air-recirculation HEPA filters an pressurization) and liquid management (fuel and hydraulic filtration and pressurization).

Le Bozec  Filtration & Systems also manufactures clogging indicators, By Pass valves, pressure transducers and pressure relief valves.

LE JOINT FRANÇAIS Sealants Adhesives and Coatings

For 50 years, LJF, part of Hutchinson Aerospace, has confirmed its position as a world leader in Sealants, adhesives and coatings. Our company has gained knowledge and expertise recognised on an international level, under PRC sealants licence. Approved by the largest manufacturers ( EADS Airbus, Boeing, Dassault Aviation, Safran,etc..) we have developed an extensive range of high quality adhesives & sealants which have been tried and tested, even under extreme conditions.


LJF STILLMAN is a Division of LE JOINT FRANÇAIS which is part of the HUTCHINSON Group, the world’s largest producer of technical rubber parts. LJF STILLMAN provides state of the art capabilities in design and manufacturing of high-tech/high quality sealing systems for Aerospace, Defence, Nuclear, Marine, Railway, Oil, Chemical and Electrical… applications.


LEACH INTERNATIONAL EUROPE (Esterline Power Systems) develop and manufacture electromechanical switching devices for severe environments, Power Distributions Assemblies (including sensing and protection), and on board Human-Machine interfaces (aerospace and railway applications).


LEUKA is a medium-size privately owned company with over 120 employees; it has been a supplier to the aeronautics industry for more than 25 years. Our production competence extends from CNC machining and manufacturing of high-quality structural components to the complete production of complex assemblies. To accomplish these tasks, LEUKA owns extensive machinery with state-of-the-art CNC machining centres and adequate measuring instruments. Our high quality standards and our flexibility have made us a reliable partner of the aeronautics industry.

LGF_logo identite vectorisé
LGF Groupe

LGF group is composed of highly qualified and experienced teams, with great capacity of advice and support. Due to context of full growth in Aeronautical sector on worldwide's market, we constantly improve our methods and develop our “manufacturing network” to meet the sector's challenges. For more than 40 years, our subsidiaries and our "supply chain" are specialized in aeronautical studies and manufacturing (Boilermaking, Sheet metal workshop, Bending, Thermal treatment , Machining, Weld, Assembly of Aero structures or Work packages).


For innovative developments and technically sophisticated individual components, subassemblies or complete systems the Loll Feinmechanik GmbH is your partner. For almost 70 years, we dedicate our expertise and passion to the demanding needs or our customers from many different areas of technology. About 230 employees work in an 8,000 sqm large and modern working environment that is equipped with the latest technology.

M&M Mecanizados

Integral manufactoring of metallic parts. Machining, Elastoforming, Hot & Cold forming, Stretch forming, Roll forming, Manual forming, Bending, Heat treatment, Special Processes, Subassemblies, Tooling desing & manufacturing


Málaga Aerospace & Defense Electronics Systems (MADES, anteriormente Raytheon Spain), líder en Servicios de Fabricación Electrónica (EMS), proporciona servicios de industrialización, ensamble, pruebas, integración de sistemas electrónicos complejos, así como el soporte al ciclo de vida del programa. El enfoque de la compañía en el aseguramiento de la calidad queda evidenciado por los reconocimientos de clientes así como certificaciones que incluyen EN9100, NATO AQAP 2120, y NADCAP AC7120 Electronics.

logo Malouvis

MALOUVIS est spécialisée dans la fabrication de pièce de décolletage sur plan pour les milieux Aéro, industriels et ferroviaires.
La répartition du carnet de commande représente 60% dans la milieu aéronautique essentiellement dans des produits de fixation selon les normes NFL – ISO et pièces sur plan de type capteurs, boitiers, axes de commandes, raccords.
La société a fortement investi depuis 5 ans à hauteur de 10%  de son chiffre d’affaire, elle a acquis plus de 15 nouvelles machines à commande numérique de dernière génération, a intégrer un nouvel ERP ( LXP ), et a fait le choix d’intégrer en 2017 un laboratoire de métallographie pour les analyses de structure des matériaux.

LOGO_MASA (640x248)

MECANIZACIONES AERONAuTICAS, SA (MASA) is a company specialized in the manufacture of finished fitted metallic pieces for the aerospace industry, with the capacity to deliver metallic units. Our main activities are:

• Mechanized production of structural pieces by Numerical Control

• Carrying out finished piecework through surface and paint treatment processes

• Assembly and fitting of pieces to obtain metallic aeronautic units.


Matzen & Timm is one of the leading producer of specified hoses, bellows and other flexible connective parts made of high-quality rubber materials. These products are made for various applications in different industries. They are used by industries where precision and capacity are important – like aircraft and automotive design. Main characteristics of all products are lightweight construction in combination with high mechanical strength, flexibility, temperature resistance and latest safety properties (flame, smoke, toxicity).
Matzen & Timm is a brand of the Masterflex Group.


Maz’air works on all major aerospace programs from Airbus, Dassault,…Maz'air develops an important Work Package for Airbus A350 program (pylon secondary part) and is specialized in the manufacturing of aerostructure parts and sub-assemblies. Maz’air, like all French AIRIA group companies now belongs to the Gardner Aerospace English group since April 2012. Based in Mazères near Toulouse, Maz'air becomes the excellence center for the manufacturing of hard metal parts (sheetmetal, forming and welding) and the assembly of large sub-assemblies.


Toolcraft specialises in the production of high-end precision parts and components. Since 2011, the company has manufactured 3D printed parts and is able to provide the whole additive process chain in metal. Besides complex turned and milled parts toolcraft offers complete solutions in the field of robotics, engineering, injection moulding and mould making, spark erosion (EDM) as well as optical and tactile measuring. The quality of the products can be verified quickly and reliably using a non-destructive surface testing (NADCAP).

MCSA Group

The MCSA Group is a major partner for the Aeronautics, Defense and Railway industries. MCSA is specialized in the integration and machining of complex electronic, micromechanical, mechatronic, pneumatic and hydraulic systems. It deploys complementary expertise, such as R&D, integration and machining, SCM and performance tests within our different production units SIPEM, CELERC-ADC and SET.


Based in Brive-le-Gaillarde, in Southern france, Mecabrive Industrie produces complex mechanical assemblies. In-house manufacture capability range include precision machining, surface treatments and coatings, sub-assemblies manufacturing.


With 2,000 employees, Mecachrome is an important partner of the aerospace industry, specialized in high-precision technology, and complex components manufacturing. By producing complex assemblies, Mecachrome acts as a tier-1 for the aerospace industry.

Mecadaq Pessac

Mecadaq Group is a group of 170 employees. Group consisting of 4 companies – Tarnos, Pessac, Marignier and Santa Ana (US). The sector of activity is the mechanics of Precision.

Logo Mecanizados Iñiguez

Mecanizados Íñiguez S.L. Mecanizados Iñiguez S.L. is a company specialized in aluminum parts machining for the aerospace sector. The company was born in 1998 but it was in 2000 when it started working for the aerospace sector accumulating more than 16 years of experience and keeping throughout the years a strong commitment with their customers .


Depuis 1994, MECANO ID accompagne ses clients pour le développement de systèmes à dominante mécanique et thermique soumis à des environnements sévères. Portée par l’excellence technologique de ses activités d’ingénierie, de composites et d’essais d’environnement, elle apporte son savoir-faire aux secteurs spatial et nucléaire, ainsi qu’à l’industrie.


MECAPREC supplies products and services to the aeronautical sector with quality and reliability, following our customers’ standards and requirements and in compliance with the standards applicable by the regulatory authorities. MECAPREC manufactures machining elements and assemblies, tooling, integrated equipment and machinery for specific production processes. We are able to manage all the finishing processes and thermal treatments of our products, and provide supply management.

logo MECAPREC (France)

MECAPREC, société de mécanique de précision à Lavelanet, spécialisée dans l’usinage de pièces prototypes, d’outillages, de pièces mécaniques en pré-série (petite, moyenne, grande série pour les secteurs fonderie, aéronautique, énergie, industrie, machine outils).


Mecaprotec is one of the major actor of the aerospace supply chain, as a specialist in surface treatment. The capabilities cover a wide treatment specialties, including steels, aluminums, titanium, paintings, non-destructive inspections, chemical milling.


Global Expert in electrical power and advanced materials.


METRALTEC, SL is a company founded in 1994 and dedicated to the aerospace industry. From the beginning, the main activity was the manufacture of mechanical assemblies and components for the aerospace industry. Today METRALTEC template hovers around 45 people and has various manufacturing processes, Machining, Heat Treatment, Forming Sheet Processes Chemical Processes, Paint and Assembly of Components. The main objective of METRALTEC is to become a company capable of manufacturing industry and aerospace assemblies mounted to the highest standards of safety, quality, reliability and customer responsiveness. METRALTEC to generate value-added services to the customer, to participate in the product development process and propose the best alternative manufacturing keeping in mind the requirements of reliability required.

logo-MGB 2

MGB is a leading supplier for high performance precision turned parts and small connectors, providing excellence services from design to assembly. Manufacturing facilities in France (Haute-Savoie), USA (Boston), China (Shanghai)

Logo MGF Grimaldi
MGF Grimaldi

Entreprise de mécanique de haute précision, MGF Grimaldi est spécialisée dans l’usinage, l’étude et la réalisation de machines spéciales. Forte de plus de 50 années d’expérience, MGF Grimaldi a su évoluer, s’adapter et innover avec une forte volonté de satisfaire ses clients. Le parc de machines-outils utilisé dans le secteur tournage à commande numérique et le secteur d’ébavurage ainsi que l’utilisation de logiciels tels que Louxol, Mastercam, Autocad, Autoview en GPAO, Inventor, Solidworks, Pro-Eng en bureau d’études… confère à MGF Grimaldi un savoir-faire incontestable dans le travail de nombreuses matières telles l’aluminium, l’acrylique, le titane, l’anvar, le dilver (fenico), l’inox, le cuivre, le laiton, le bronze, les aciers, les plastiques, le carbone…


Milhorat et Cie, situé à Pamiers dans l’Ariège, est une entreprise spécialisée dans la découpe au jet d’eau abrasif et le sciage grande capacité. Travail du bois, matières plastiques, composites, aciers et aciers spéciaux, marbre et autre matériaux grâce à des outils à commande numérique. Produits fabriqués en atelier sur-mesure.


Mockel AG is a family-owned company based in Belgium which is active in the field of high precision mechanics. Complex requests from system suppliers in the defence, aviation and space industries are processed. The company has state of the art technology, technical know-how and experienced project management to develop the product from the idea to manufacturing.


Modertech Industries is a small independent family society of 30 people, in constant growth since its creation, specialized in the surface treatment of light alloys and stainless steels for the aeronautical and defense markets. Our society has built its reputation on its technicality and the satisfaction of its customers by quality treatments and processing realized in short deadlines. We have been ISO-certified 9100 and 14001 for more than 10 years and are qualified by numerous European aerospace prime contractors. To support its growth, a new production site dedicated to the aeronautical markets will be built at the end of 2016.

logo MPB Aerospace
MPB Aerospace

MPB Aerospace is a world-class, highly responsive, precision engineering company serving the global aerospace and defence industries. Our expertise is in the design & manufacture of metallic prismatic parts including aluminium, titanium and steel.  We are a design-to-build and build-to-print provider for companies including Airbus & Embraer. We pride ourselves on manufacturing aerostructure parts and components on time, on quality and on price – with excellent OTD and Quality Ratios.

logo Nehlsen-BWB Flugzeug-Galvanik Dresden GmbH & Co. KG
Nehlsen-BWB Flugzeug-Galvanik Dresden GmbH & Co. KG

Nehlsen-BWB Flugzeug-Galvanik offers functional surface finishing of aluminium, titanium, copper and its alloys, CrNiSt materials, special materials, high-strength steels and fibre-reinforced composites (CFK, GFK) used in aerospace applications and industry. Furthermore, the portfolio includes a broad variety of mechanical, chemical, metallic, oxidic and organic coating processes.



Société spécialisée dans l’usinage de métaux durs et les services de logistique et de maintenance-réparation.

  • SOFOP à Rodez
  • GENTILIN à Launaguet
  • MP SUD à Oloron
  • MGP ASQUINI à Marmande


Nomasa is a company dedicated to machining process for all type of materials, has certification UNE-EN:9100. Our resources are more of 20 CNC machines, 3,4 and 5 axis CNC machining centers with a capacity up to 5.000 m/m in longitudinal direction and CNC dual-turret and Y axis lathes. Company specialized in AOG and positive compliance of KPIs (D1,R1 & N1) demanded for our customers.

Nosta GmbH
Nosta GmbH


NOVATECH TECHNOLOGIES est un des acteurs majeurs de l’électronique Européenne. Répondant aux exigences les plus complexes, le Groupe est un apporteur de solutions concrètes dans les domaines de l’étude et de la fabrication des produits électroniques (EMS).


Novintec is an independently owned and financed SME which designs and manufactures a wide range of components, sub-systems and modules in fluid filtration, regulation and monitoring to address the specific needs of our customers. Our products are specified on programmes in the following sectors: aerospace, space, nuclear and motor sport.

logo OCETA

OCETA is certified EN9120:2010, Authorized Representative and Distributor of Tools MIL AERO, (DMC, TE CONNECTIVITY, BAND-IT, IDEAL INDUSTRIES) Connectors MIL AERO (GLENAIR), Electrical Maintenance Tools Kits (AIRBUS, BOEING, DASSAULT AVIATION, HELICOPTER…) and Accessories for Aerospace electrical cabling civil and military.  Since 1976, we have established a strong partnership with Prime contractors and large systems suppliers: Aerospace, Marine, Defence, Spatial, On board equipment manufacturers, Subcontractors and Airlines Company.   
In after sales, we are Sole Authorized to control, Repair and Calibration our tools in our Lab in Garches. We are located in Garches (near Paris) and Saint Martin du Touch (near Toulouse).


Ohnhäuser GmbH is a competent partner for the aerospace branch and other industries with more than 270 highly qualified employees. The range of services covers CNC production engineering, tool / fixture construction, sheet metal forming, system development and component manufacturing.


Storage, cutting, distribution and trading of aerospace metallurgical products. PSD AERO is increasing its international presence with 6 possibilities of stock location in the world, 2 others being planned.


— incoming information —


Founded in 1963,PLASGEIN been manufacturing parts for the automotive and aviation industry for over 20 years, during these years been proud to work for our clients who are leaders of Spanish and international industry.


Fabrication et affutage de fraises standards et spéciales. PMD bénéficie depuis 1993 de l’homologation fournisseur classe A du QUALIFAS et AS/EN 9100.
PMD est régulièrement classée parmi les sociétés les plus performantes de Drôme-Ardèche, tous secteurs confondus.


PMG Precision Mechanics Group GmbH, established in 1997 develops and manufactures highly complex precision components for the international aerospace industry. Our services range from professional consultation for new projects up to and including the realisation of ready-to-install system modules in series production.


Groupe familial français situé à Aire sur l’Adour (40), spécialiste de la fabrication d’éléments d’aérostructures et de l’assemblage de sous-ensembles pour plusieurs clients situés un peu partout dans le monde.


Depuis 1994, Premetec se positionne auprès des donneurs d’ordre industriels en qualité de sous-traitant en usinage depièces mécaniques toutes matières.
Partenaire des industries aéronautiques, spatiales, de défense, de l’environnement, électroniques, et autres. Premetec développe en continu son expertise technique dans la réalisation de pièces mécaniques et le montage d’ensembles et de sous sous-ensembles.
Trois domaines d’activités.
L’entreprise a « articulé » ses compétences et processus, autour de trois domaines d’activités :
· le prototypage et l’industrialisation et l’usinage de pièces, d’outillages, de produits,
· le traitement de surface,
· l’assemblage, le montage et la maintenance de pièces mécaniques de précision, d’ensembles ou de sous-ensembles complets.


Quast Praezisionstechnik is project partner of the aerospace industry in:
Engineering – Production – Assembly of fabricated metal products.
The certified CNC- turning and milling company regards itself as a growing supplier of specialized manufacturing equipment e.g. Jigs & Tools, ground support equipment and aircraft parts.
With their excellent supply chain competence Quast Praezisionstechnik “produces” solutions – highly specialized prototypes and sophisticated assemblies.


Recaero manufactures spare parts, sub-assemblies, and short-cycle modification kits, metal and composite parts. Recaero has set up in-house a special organization and skill-set in order to service rapid spare parts production, particularly for out of production aircraft. In parallel, it has developed its capability for the manufacture of high value-added and production parts. The company has 3 factories: Recaero Verniolle, for the spare parts and high value-added parts (280 people), Recaero Composites (40 people), both in South of France, and Recaero India in Bangalore (150 people) for production parts.


Edging, drilling, hobbing, edge sealing, ultrasonic and dimensional inspection of carbon fiber products in aeronautical sector.

Robert Hofmann GmbH

Founded over 25 years ago, Hofmann – Ihr Möglichmacher is today a medium-sized family enterprise. The company has a history of rapid development, because it is already one of world’s biggest and most successful Rapid Prototyping providers. The portfolio includes prototypes, tools, testing & appliance gauges and pre-series and series products for OEMs and their system providers in the aerospace, automotive and medical industries. Decades of experience and advanced manufacturing facilities enable the production of complex individual parts, components and entire assemblies.


Rochette Industrie

Le groupe ROCHETTE INDUSTRIE est composé de 4 filiales dont MSI & MCA-MECA pour les secteurs aéronautiques et militaires.
Fabrication de pièces et ensembles mécaniques de précision
-Usinage/Procédés spéciaux*/montage/tests
-Titane/aluminium/Inconel/plastiques inox
-Pièces de petites et grandes dimensions
* : HVOF/cladding (inconel,bronze, laser), coating, revetement anticorrosion, ..


Skills: ROXEL is the European leader in tactical propulsion systems. The use of its expertise in mechanical and composite materials also allows Roxel to develop subsets for the aeronautic industry.

Rennsport Production Center

Since years the RPC Rennsport Production Center GmbH, as a member of the HOLZER group, supports the aviation industry as a production and development partner. With the production of high precision components, even overnight if necessary, we contribute to the success of our customers.

logo RS Traut
RS Traut GmbH & Co. KG

As a specialist for pipe systems, the RS Traut GmbH & Co. KG enjoys an excellent reputation within its customers for more than 20 years. Competence, quality and high innovative strength are the fundamental cornerstones of their success. RS Traut develops and produces prototypes, series and spare parts. In doing so, they provide products and solutions for automotive, aviation and other industrial applications.

SABENA Technics Painting TLS

Sabena technics painting, a subsidiary of Sabena technics Group, specializes in the painting of aircraft and helicopters, whether they are new or old. Its expertise covers civil, military as well as private aircraft.
With three production sites exclusively located in France on Dinard-Pleurtuit-Saint Malo, Bordeaux Merignac and Toulouse Blagnac airports, Sabena technics painting offers four painting rooms operated by nearly 120 qualified employees.

Saint-Gobain Performance Plasticts MG Silikon GmbH

Saint-Gobain Performance Plastics MG Silikon GmbH is a specialist for Aerospace & Aircraft Sealing Solutions, Silicone Molded & Composite Components and Extrusion Parts & Finishing. Whether you are an aerospace manufacturer in need of effective aerostructure seals, a cabin manufacturer or designer in need of solution of qualified profiles with specific cabin configurations and colors, or a composite manufacturer wanting to optimize processes, Saint-Gobain Performance Plastics has the solution for your application.

Aircraft and aerospace equipment manufacturers have relied on Saint-Gobain Process Systems’ more than 30 years of materials expertise with silicone and fluoropolymers and our Covison® molded components, extrusion parts and reinforced composite moldings.

Manufacturing site characteristics (Lindau/Germany). Saint-Gobain is EN 9100 (AS9100) certified.


Founded in 1979, Secome is specialized in high precision machining for small and medium series. ISO9001 and EN9100 certifications testify our management of Quality. Equipped with most performing production facilities (multi-functions machining centers, 5 axis double-spindle lathe, flexible line, CATIA V5…), Secome offers a comprehensive solution to aerospace prime contractors ranging from design up to delivery of sub-assemblies and supply management in kanban via an internet portal.


SEGNERE est spécialisé dans la fabrication de produits métalliques dans les secteurs de la mécanique générale de précision, de la tôlerie fine et de l’assemblage structural.


More than twenty years, SELHA is the French leader of industrialization and manufacturing of electronic boards and sub-assemblies. SELHA’s knowledge is dedicated to high technologies market and industry such as aeronautics, oil prospection and industrial electronics


Founded in 1976, SERMAT designs, manufactures and provides product supports for all types of electro-technical and electronic equipment as per customers specifications, quantities ranging from unity to large production series.

logo Serre-mecanique de Precision

Serre Mécanique de Précision, votre partenaire de Rang 2. Un savoir-faire reconnu et une organisation flexible au service de votre Supply Chain. Une organisation certifiée EN9100. Une organisation solide et compétitive pour accompagner les fabricants de biens industriels.

SERTA ASD (SERTA AeroSpace & Defence)

SERTA Aerospace & Defence -> aeronautic and space industry, manufacturing of parts and aeronautical structures.

logo SIBI

SIBI est une filiale du groupe KEP Technologies qui  propose aux plus grands donneurs d’ordre industriels de l’aéronautique, de la défense, du transport, du médical, ses savoir-faire dans le travail des métaux (études et fabrications de pièces et ensembles, montage-assemblage, traitements de surface).

Doté de moyens de production importants sur 7 sites industriels en France et au Maroc, et adossé à un centre de R&D pluridisciplinaire, KEP Technologies assure le niveau de performance industrielle attendu par ses clients.


SIMRA production boasts three production sites: two in France and one in Morocco to offer ever-more competitive solutions. As Centres of Excellence in sheet-metal forming, surface treatment and aerostructure assembly, the SIMRA Production sites offer global solutions enabling the production of complete aerostructure sub-assemblies through the mastering and coordination of its supply chain.


SIRIO PANEL has been founded back in 1977 to support the Italian Aeronautical Industry providing illuminated panels and EL lamps. With over 25 years of experience in Human Machine Interfaces (HMI) dedicated to airborne equipment with stringent requirements, SIRIO PANEL is committed to technical excellence and innovation providing systems/equipment, at state of the art levels of technology that find applications on top-level rotary and fixed wing aircraft.


SOCAT fait partie de Delmon Group, qui, au travers de ses filiales, développe et produit des solutions caoutchouc pour des fonctions d’étanchéité et d’antivibratoire.
Nos clients sont les grands donneurs d’ordre de l’industrie automobile, aéronautique et autres industries.
Ces pièces techniques requièrent une résistance à des agressions extérieures.


Established on the site of the old Decazevilloise Iron and steel industry, STS is in the middle of Mécanic Vallée and Aerospace Valley, which enables him to profit from a particularly dynamic environment. Business creation in 1988.
Skills : Composites: Cutting soft materials & kitting / Compaction : kitting, prepregs draping & sandwiches & Impregnation transfer / Aerospace expertise / Making cables, kitting / Assembly and maintenance of mechanical equipments / Manufacturing, installation & replacement of electrical equipments / Riveting by snapping / Varnishing / Painting / Bonding / Prototypes: Reproductions resin, tooling, molds flexible,…


The description will be completed.


Specitubes, french subsidiary of Legget & Platt, operate in two plants, located in Samer (North of France) and Nanterre (Paris suburb), with a total manpower of 200 persons. Spécitubes manufactures and sell precision metallic tubes, in titanium, nickel alloys and stainless steel, for critical applications (aerospace, medical, instrumentation). Specitubes product range includes seamless tubes (from 1 to 80 mm OD depending of the grade)

Spitzl Fertigungs GmbH

For many years, the Spizl Fertigungs GmbH has a reputation of expertise, reliability and very high quality standards in CNC milling and NC programming. As a reliable partner and supplier of various aerospace companies as well as in mechanical engineering companies, the portfolio consists of aluminum, titanium and several sorts of stainless steel components.


SPRING est spécialisé en usinage de précision en petite et moyenne série, de la tête de série à la série pour les secteurs aéronautiques et militaires.


Founded in 1983, Stacem is a key player in the medium and small quantities of elastomer parts for aerospace, military and industrial applications. Controlling the design and the development of our rubber formulas, Stacem is specialized in the molding, the technical trade and the sale of orings, molded parts (with or without inserts) according to drawings, cutting seals and machined seals.


Founded in 1979, the French company STAE has built up its expertise in electronic and mechanical, design and manufacturing. The company is providing services to sectors such as: aeronautics, automotive, industry, medical, nuclear, transport, telecommunication, and defense.


La société STPI dont le siège est à Paris, développe et fabrique des relais électromécaniques et électroniques, ainsi que des équipements embarqués pour l’aéronautique, la défense, le ferroviaire et le nucléaire.
Elle fait partie du groupe First d’un effectif de 500 personnes avec des usines en France, aux USA et en Inde, leader mondial pour la production de relais pour les environnements sévères.


STTS is a specialist aerospace painting and sealing company based in Toulouse. With a task force of 500 people, STTS owns and/or operates in France 17 facilities in Toulouse, Marseille, Paris and Rochefort.The main customers of STTS are the major EOM and MRO such as Airbus, Airbus Helicopters, Latecoere, Sogerma, Dassault Falcon Service and Air France Industries.As a member of STTS Group, STTS maintains strong synergies with sister companies based in Europe (Sevilla and Madrid– ES, Broughton – UK, amburg – DE, Lelystad – NL, Prague – CZ, Casablanca – MA) and China (Tianjin and Haikou)


SUD AERO, fournisseur de premier rang, est spécialisé dans la fabrication et l’assemblage des éléments de structure aéronautiques.
Depuis sa création, l’entreprise assume une ambitieuse démarche qualité qui lui permet aujourd’hui de proposer à ses partenaires plus de 100 procédés spéciaux sur les nouveaux programmes tels que l’A350.


Sudelec est expert dans la fabrication de cartes électroniques depuis 1982 et possède une ligne automatisée de vernissage de cartes. Leur savoir-faire porte sur les prototypes et les petites et moyennes séries: fournissant les composants ou travaillant en panier garni.


SUPERMETAL is based in Haute-Savoie (France) specialising in technical solutions for advanced technologies.


TALLERES ALOT is a subcontracting company specialized in welding assemblies until 60T with different sheet transformation services, like folding, laser, plasma and guillotine cutting. ISO 9001 :2008 since 2001.


TARAMM company is a lost wax foundry ( titanium and high melting point alloys ).
For now more than 20 years we develop specificinduction furnace, allowing us to be present on all europeans aeronautics progams.
Based on a 95 persons team, TARAMM is tier 1 withall the first level customers.


Born in 1983, TECHCI Rhône-Alpes is a subsidiary company of COFIDUR Group specialized in the manufacture of printed circuits boards. This division, within COFIDUR, has the assets and the necessary tools to develop the solutions adapted to the market trends and needs. Techci has always been present alongside the great names of French industry and military aviation. For proof and satisfaction, on 5 October 2009, the company acquired the certification PRI – Nadcap.


THERMI- GARONNE, unité du groupe THERMI-LYON, est spécialisée dans les traitements thermiques et revêtements sous vide. Cette société a été créée en 2000 pour répondre aux attentes de l’industries aéronautique.

Notre organisation basée sur Lean manufacturing, notre accréditation NADCAP et nos homologations clients permettent à THERMI- GARONNE de proposer un service de haut niveau. Notre performance qualité ainsi que notre engagement sur les délais(OTD) sont des atouts importants appréciés par le secteur aéronautique.


TITAL is a German company of more than 600 people which supplies industry leading companies around the world in the field of aerospace, defense, motor sport and industrial systems with sophisticated aluminum and titanium investment casting products using the lost wax process.


TOFER Aerospace is part of TOFER Group located in Toulouse
Mains Activities:
– Machining: Small, medium and big parts (vertical turning machine)
– Coatings: HVOF (Thermal spray), Shot Penning, MCAC (Sermetel), Painting
– NDE: MTI, LPI and US test
2 Locations outside France,1 in Romania (machining company) and 1 warehouse in USA


Company with 17 years experience in the aviation industry composite materials specialist. TRC is divided by Various activities that comprise a complete integrated management to meet the needs of our customers.


TRONICO created in 1973 is a French EMS specialized in professional electronics.

It provides solutions from circuit board design through to global turnkey solutions: product design, circuit board manufacturing, mechanical and electronic integration, testing, end of life support, and others.

UMEC SL , Spain

International company engaged in high precision machining since 1991, which mission is the precision manufacture of parts, assemblies and toolings for the aeronautical sector.


UMI Aeronautica offers a customized solution that is unique in the aviation market. Founded in 2006 by MEUPE and INESPASA as a result of a previous collaborative project and recently joined by CONSUR, UMI Aeronautica is the focal point for subcontracting and delivering of a complete solution in the Airframe manufacturing market. The four companies complement each other in a solution to the supply chain that ensures a high level of reliability and efficiency. Having a single contact for a wide variety of activities facilitates the project. If you need basic parts, equipped parts or subassemblies, UMI Aeronautics will find your solution.


Desde 1999, en Utingal trabajamos con la tecnología más avanzada aplicada a todos nuestros procesos para alcanzar la máxima calidad en nuestros productos siempre competitivos en calidad-precio y en las soluciones que aportamos a los clientes, adaptadas a las necesidades actuales del mercado. UTINGAL ofrece los servicios siguientes: Ingeniería de Procesos, Mecanizado pieza serie Compuesto, Mecanizado pieza serie metálica, Montaje de aeroestructuras.

logo VENTANA Toulouse
VENTANA Toulouse

Based in Toulouse, VENTANA Toulouse has specialised in the production of technical parts in sand-cast aluminium alloys. Fonderie Mercié’s integration into the Ventana Aerospace group enables us to offer durable solutions whilst retaining the flexibility to respond rapidly to clients’ requirements.


Machining and integration of any system or subsystem part, either mechanical, hydraulical or electrical for aerospace or military purpose (valves, hydraulic bodies, actuators, pumps, carters, axis, engines…)

Logo W Ludolph

W. Ludolph is a specialist in machining of components for the aerospace industry. Due to permanent innovations the production process and the quality management system is continuously improved. Flexible production enables the shortest turn-around times for urgent requirements at short notice and for spare parts.
The employees of W. Ludolph provide experience, profound specialist knowledge, innovative spirit, a love of technology and quality standards, coupled with a mix of speed, precision and the willingness to provide a first-class service!

YMCA Services SAS
YMCA Services SAS

YMCA Services est une entreprise adaptée spécialisée dans l’Ingénierie et les études techniques, basée à Colomiers et composée de 285 salariés. YMCA Services propose des services à valeur ajoutée, de proximité, à forte réactivité, dans des environnements contractuels complexes et engageants sur résultats, pour être capable d’accompagner ses clients tant dans leurs politiques industrielles, achats, que RSE et sociétale. Services proposés: Support logistiques / Nettoyage vêtements techniques / Assistance à la production / Nettoyage cabine en ligne d’assemblage / Câblage industriel et aéronautique.


ZEPPELIN Systems GmbH (BU Quality Service) offers testing services for high quality requirements as well as production, maintenance of aerospace components and training of personnel in this action scope.
– non destructive testing (X-ray, penetration testing, magnetic particle inspection, ultrasonic testing, positive material inspection, radiographic analysis)
– destructive material testing (hardness testing, macro- and microscopic sections, tensile testing)
– 3D metrology (tactile, gear measurement, optical measurement)
– calibration laboratory (calibration of mechanical measurement devices, including its administration)
– production of aerospace components ready to assemble (focussed on welded parts)
– repair and build-up welding of high-value components
– consulting of quality management, performance of audits
– training of personnel: quality systems, NDT personnel RT, PT, MT level 1 + 2, training and certification of aerospace welders.

ZIEGLER GmbH Feinwerktechnik

Our product portfolio includes complex machining (turning, milling and special deburr) of different materials, for chassis, ventilation, air conditioning and structural parts in the area of aerospace incl. (all) the following processes, "ship to stock".
Our strengths:  
– Unique production know-how
Fully certified, experienced management of all aspects of the production process
Close familiarity with the highest quality specifications

ZIEGLER GmbH Fertigungstechnik

Our product portfolio includes complex machining (turning, milling and special deburr) of different materials, for chassis, ventilation, air conditioning and structural parts in the area of aerospace incl. (all) the following processes, "ship to stock".
Our strengths:  
– Unique production know-how
Fully certified, experienced management of all aspects of the production process
Close familiarity with the highest quality specifications


GOERRI is a company primarily engaged in the aerospace machining. Goerri has 34 years experience in this industry. GOERRI has as activity welding, maintenance and repair of boilers.