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Award Spain

SPACE AWARDS in SPAIN. The 14th September 2017 in Sevilla, the two companies  MASA  and Talleres Alot  were awarded by SPACE.


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What a fantastic Paris Airshow ! … allowing us to visit all our members but also to celebrate our 10 years during a special event.


SPACE will be present at the International Paris Airshow (Le Bourget) from 19 to 22 JuneWelcome on our stand CD157 Hall 2b (Gifas stand) !

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10th Space Anniversary

To mark our tenth birthday, a conference will be held on the 22nd of June 2017 at 10h00 (by invitation) on the theme of  :
 “Challenges for the European aeronautical SME in the coming years” 

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14th December 2016: Foundation of SPACE Deutschland

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2016-12-14 Space-Deutschland

After a long period of preparation, SPACE Germany achieved the goal of founding SPACE Deutschland e.V. on December 14th 2016 in Berlin. The founding members are: Airbus Helicopters Deutschland GmbH, Airbus Operations GmbH, Autoflug GmbH, Jenoptik Advanced Systems GmbH, Liebherr Aerospace Lindenberg GmbH, RUAG Aerospace Structures GmbH and the German Aerospace Industries Association (BDLI).
With this foundation SPACE Germany has opened up the possibility of providing a better and more intensive support for SPACE members and the whole German Aerospace supply chain. However, with this foundation, SPACE Germany is not renouncing its support for the European approach, but wishes to continue developing it sustainably, taking the increasing internationalization of the aviation supply chain into account.

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SPACE Executive Committe

The SPACE Executive Commitee took place on the 29th November in Blagnac.

Space Executive Comity 29 November 2016
Anfried Sauerborn

Anfried Sauerborn

It was the occasion to farewell Anfried Sauerborn, who was the representative of SPACE Executive Member since its creation, first  for EADS and then for the Airbus Group.
He was also elected Vice-Chairman of the SPACE association over a couple of years.


SPACE Spanish meeting 14 September 2016 in Getafe


Next meeting of Spanish Associate Members of SPACE : September 14th in Getafe (Madrid)

Próxima Reunión de los miembros asociados de SPACE en España el 14 de Septiembre 2016 en Getafe (Madrid)

Situación SPACE y proyectos
Entrega Awards 2016
Presentación de la Encuesta
Objetivos 2017
Debates y trabajo en grupos

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Logo CDDP - certified demand driven planner
Jean Desproges-Gotteron

Certification :

April 27 2016 :We are proud to announce the CDDP certification of Jean Desproges-Gotteron, SPACE project Manager. This certification validates the concepts of DDMRP and the application of these concepts to planning and executing a synchronized material plan.

DDMRP (Demand Driven MRP) is a multi-echelon formal planning and execution method based on customer demand.

❊ Short DDMRP introduction video
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The SPACE Annual General Meeting 2016 will be held on the 13th of April 2016 at Blagnac (France).
French Space Awards: see French news

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“3D Printing” in SPAIN

20 Associate Members join the 3D Printing day which takes place Thursday February 11th in Gijón (Asturias).
A total of 44 people will have participated in the seminars “Additive Manufacturing” published in Spain, with those who took part in the first 3D Printing of last November..

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SPACE DDMRP day on December 9th 2015
in Toulouse Blagnac

Around 50 members attended our Demand Driven Material Requirements Planning event. Carol Ptak, co-founder of the Demand Driven Institute, showed an exciting presentation with an aerospace viewpoint. From the benefits of flow, to the complexity of our Supply Chain and the struggle against variability, Carol Ptak explained the need for change and how DDMRP could help. Then Figeac-Aero turned that idea into reality by sharing their recent and promising DDMRP implementation pilot project. This pilot helped their project team to get better aligned towards higher production performance and motivated Figeac-Aero to launch a wider DDMRP deployment project. Numerous questions from the attendees showed they enjoyed it and their positive feedback proved this event was successful. SPACE supports DDMRP and will keep you informed about it. Contact us for more details.

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Additive Manufacturing (3D printing) in SPAIN

Seminar on additive manufacturing took place at CATEC facilities Seville 26.11.2015 Organized by SPACE, a seminar for diffusion of AM technologies for Tier 2 suppliers took place at CATEC facilities this Thursday. A description of the main technological issues of Additive Manufacturing technology, including design, optimization, inspectionability issues and certification has been performed by Fernando Lasagni (CATEC). Ignacio Zamora (AIRBUS Operations) presented as well the industrialization roadmap of the main European aircraft manufacturer. The meeting was presented by Juan Carlos Guedea Cantó (SPACE). Finally, a visit to CATEC facilities was performed in order to get in touch with several products and the fabrication technology on-site. Thanks all for participating! .


SPACE award in Spain for MASA :

During the SPACE Spanish meeting held in Spain at Illescas near Madrid on the 8th September, François Bertrand presented MASA (MECANIZACIONES AERONÁUTICAS, SA) with an award for their improvement project. This event is a mark of recognition for the Spanish SPACE community which is becoming increasingly dynamic.


“Air et COSMOS d’Août 2015”:
La grappe THALES déploie ses effets bénéfiques



SPACE is present at the Paris Le Bourget AirShow:

On the GIFAS stand (HALL 2B – CD157) We are present with two exhibition booths: SPACE and “PERFORMANCES INDUSTRIELLES” 

From 15 to 21 June


“Air et COSMOS de Juin 2015”:
SPACE se déploie en Europe

“Outil de l’amélioration de la Supply Chain aéronautique, l’association toulousaine s’ancre en Allemagne et en Espagne. Focus sur SPACE à l’occasion de son Assemblée Générale du 29 avril”. Lire l’article ici.


SPACE FRENCH FORUM Wednesday 29 April
at AIRBUS Toulouse

SPACE Awards 2015 delivered by Jean-Paul Louis (Industrial Director of Safran) to the 2 companies: Aubert & Duval and Gresset.

SPACE French Forum 2015

◘ The presentations : Airbus perspective by C. Champion AIRBUS  – Welcome by F.Bertrand, SPACE President – SPACE update by C. Cabaret, SPACE – Project “Performances Industrielles” (Gifas project) by E. Fanio and Ana Munoz, SPACE
◘ The topic of the day: “Delivery forecast: a key factor to improve delivery performances”  (AIRBUS vision , DAHER vision , LAUAK vision )
◘ Ceremony awards : SPACE awards were delivered for the best improvement projects of 2014 to two Associate Members
◘ The visit of the Final Assembly Line closed the meeting   


“ENTREPRISES Midi-Pyrénées” de mars 2015 – Interview de François Bertrand

“Projet Performances Industrielles” la tendance est positive chez les sous-traitants “Nous constatons une amelioration sensible d” OTD près de 10 points gagnés relatait François Bertrand, le président de Space en conclusion du Forum Fournisseurs “. Lire l’article ici  


Presentation of the Legion of Honour to Maurice Perrault the 4th December in Paris Bercy by JC Volot.

From left to right: Henri Neveu (Thalès), René Colin, Solange Hollard (Airbus), J-Philippe Bedos (Airbus Helicopters), Maurice Perrault, Geneviève GONINLANES (Dassault)