Qualifas scorecard

In February 2013, SMEs members of GIFAS requested the setting up of common indicators for monitoring delivery performance of suppliers in terms of leadtime and quality. GIFAS mandated Qualifas on this project. A Qualifas working group then started from the recommendations of the Supply Chain Management Handbook (SCMH) from IAQG which ended up in 2016 with the publication of the Qualifas scorecard composed of 3 specifications :


1) Punctuality indicators : On Time Delivery (OTD), Delay Average (DV), and Backlog
2) Conformity indicators : Item Escape Rate (IER), and Concession Rate (CR)
3) Display format (graphs)
These specifications were sent to the AirSupply service from BoostAerospace platform

Qualifas scorecard deployment is thus launched and followed by Qualifas which organizes and centralizes scorecard trainings.

Link to Qualifas site :          Download specifications

SPACE confirms the benefit of this initiative and testifies to the high expectation from SMEs to have common specifications shared by all stakeholders. This issue is addressed in almost every SME project supported by SPACE.
SPACE therefore supports this initiative which aims at sharing good practices and facilitating understandings and exchanges for a better efficiciency of the aerospace Supply Chain.